Our Services

We are delivering customised ICT solutions for a variety of clients as reflected on our portfolio page. Our key services include:

  • Mobile application cross-platform development for Android and iOS
  • Website development through well-known content management platforms (i.e. WordPress) and/or own framework (in Python)
  • Development of solutions for e-commerce, through e-shops for delivering added-value to retail customers of different sizes
  • Search Engine Optimisation technologies for enhancing the visibility of a company’s online presence

DOT SYNTAX is a trusted party for outsourced development tailored to the needs of small, medium and large customers.

We aim to expand our services portfolio with a product for analysing customer feedback in the retail industry, as this is provided directly or indirectly. Direct feedback can be collected through emails and web forms, while customers may indirectly place complaints about products sold in the retail industry on various social media. Our envisaged platform-based product will be able to monitor customer feedback and analyse it to accelerate the effectiveness of customer service operations.

Of key technologies that we use, we may refer to analytics, programming in Java, Python, C#, .NET / .NET Core, MS SQL Server, MS Azure, PostgreSQL, ReactJS, WordPress, Elasticsearch and Kibana. We also have extensive experience in Server Management and IT Support.